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The problem

We noticed a problem...

90% of ventures fail for 3 reasons:

1. No Market Need & No Marketing

  • 56% fail because there is no market need or poor marketing. [Source]

2. Corrosive Company Culture

  • 18% fail due to poor hiring strategies, leadership, and disharmony. [Source]

3. Bad Financial Planning

  • 16% fail due to a lack of cash flow and poor forecasting. [Source]

...and we created a solution

The solution

What we do

We build and scale new ventures by telling their story, executing precise marketing, designing strong brands, developing efficient workflows, curating talented teams, and optimizing capital allocation.

This displays in our Build and Scale programs enhanced by our service partners allowing us to launch and scale a new venture in 180 days or less.

Why you should work with Epsilon Venture Group

Your venture is our venture

Planning and strategy are proven to help a new venture grow by up to 30%. [Source]

With our venture-building systems, we can launch and scale your new ventures in 180 days or less...otherwise, we work for free until we do.

We have sourced, researched, tested, and compiled several startup kits, venture-building systems, and templated processes to create one of the most thorough and streamlined systems for building successful new ventures. As a result, we have created a philosophy for overcoming the greatest startup challenges and an ecosystem around it.

What does it mean to start a new venture?




a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

"pioneering ventures into little-known waters"


dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant.

"she ventured out into the blizzard"

A note for visionaries:

You may be ostracized when you approach an industry with a new idea. Unfortunately, it is often that a new idea is not welcomed, but we know you can change the world. We understand your determination, and we applaud your courage to face life head-on. However, we know embarking on this journey alone is difficult. So, when you work with us, we will share our resources with you in the name of your success. We are here with you on this journey.

The Build and Scale systems


Build is the system for new ventures or divisions. We gear you, your team, and your venture for real-world readiness and launch the business.

Time: 18 weeks full-time.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses as leaders, executors, and as a team to determine competitiveness and efficient allocations of work.

Analyze market conditions to assess viability, opportunities, and threats.

Set up business registration, banking, accounting, and legal.

Develop sales strategy, distribution, and funnel.

MVP development of your product or service.

Determine financial models.

Develop initial brand identity and conduct customer research.


Scale is for the recently built ventures or existing ventures looking to scale. We triple-down on the great, cut the bad, and expand you to new markets.

Time: 8-52+ weeks full-time, depending on scope.

Implement HR process for recruiting, screening, hiring, and training employees.

Reassess and implement a comprehensive tech stack.

Phase in performance goals and best practices.

Establish company culture.

Implement employee incentivization programs and reporting.

Develop intricate marketing mix and campaigns.

Raise capital (optional).

Who the Build & Scale Program for?

Serial Entrepreneurs building their next enterprise.

Build your new venture with a strong foundation and the ability to scale.

Established Organizations pivoting or creating new ventures.

Systematize your resources and strengths to pivot hard or launch quickly.

Visionaries & Executives who want to scale their ideas.

Take what you're doing right and scale it to excellency through a proven framework.

A note from visionaries

We’ve worked with EVG on multiple projects and are most impressed with their ability to simplify complex ideas into digestible content. They are clear in their objectives, transparent and driven to please. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help around brand building.

Zach Dabrowski Founder, CEO | Grey Area Studios

I worked with Alejandro from Epsilon Venture Group to co-develop the Made From Scraps series, where we took a fresh idea and built it from the ground up. Their diverse skill set and network of relationships allowed us to make this project a reality over to seasons of the series. Producing this series required the team to wear a variety of hats to organize, problem-solve and host, along with boots-on-the-ground to get things done. Epsilon is an essential teammate and I look forward to activating our next idea.

Patrick Christie Founder | Space 2 Space Co

Keys to our success

Let's compare your options...

Traditional Agency

Talent pool

Long onboarding processes

Constantly rotate through contacts

Generic, fixed services. - You get what you get

Is only focused on their margins

No vested interest in your long-term success

Growth Agency

Talent pool

Long onboarding processes

Only focused on sales, not other business needs

Typically only offers e-com advertising

Does not work with grassroots startups

Only interested in short to mid-term sales goals

Epsilon Venture Group

Talent pool

1-on-1 client support

Dedicated contacts

72-hour onboarding process

Fair and flexible deals

Long-term growth and success oriented

We will fit in your culture, not fight it

Mix & match service offering for all growth needs

Onboarding is simple

We'll respond in

24 hours


48 hours

Deal & onboard

72 hours

  Simple service agreements

  Collaborative service periods

  Straightforward billing options

  Efficient and effective communications

What to expect in the first 14 days:



Meeting Your Team

Once we have agreed to work together on your business, we typically like to meet the team behind it or at least the members with who we will be working within a kick-off meeting.



Observe and Take Notes

We will review everything, including your team's actions, and take notes that help us understand how to fit into your company culture. It can also help us improve a particular function.



Action Items Chart

We will assemble an action items chart detailing all the tasks and projects and, if applicable, their expected completion.



Team Organization

A workflow process is started to organize your team and ours for efficiency while working on your business, like assigning team members to specific tasks and establishing delivery contacts.



First Deliverable

You should expect your first deliverable within 7-10 days after the action items chart, depending on the type of work.


Continued Success

Once the first deliverable is in hand, we look at how we can continuously add value and build foundations for long-term success.

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We are your growth partners business buildersventure architects

Copyright © 2023 Epsilon Venture Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Epsilon Venture Group, Inc. All rights reserved.