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"WOW! Very impressive. I'm blown away. This is a lot of work."

"Wow! Very impressive. I'm blown away. This is a lot of work. It's a new way of thinking...It gets me out of my way how to look at things...It makes you really consider what we are. What we do...We get these things a bit more clear.“ "

Christian G. | Co-Founder LiveSlide

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We developed this business for LiveSlide based on an idea 10 years in the making.

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Desktop and Mobile Website Development

For LiveSlide, we created a website for landing pages and advertising use. We compiled the branding, mockups, and a well-used formula for landing pages for marketing and advertising purposes. We make sure to develop a desktop and mobile version of the website for all visitors for the highest conversion possible.

Additional Tasks we did for the website:

  • Favicon.
  • Product and photo mockups.
  • Set up website analytics, branded email, and Google Workspace.
  • Created Terms of Service and Private Policy pages for advertising use.

Business Card

We created a smart business card for LiveSlide. It works via NFC technology, so when it's tapped on someone's phone, it pulls your contact information, and they can save it. We use a 3rd party to create and connect the business card to make an online profile, so you can send your contact as a link or scan it as a QR code as well.

Brand Usage Guideline

LiveSlide is an app targeting the wedding industry, so we geared its branding towards the wedding industry to appeal to brides & and grooms and vendors.

What comes in a brand usage guideline?

  • Logo(s) and colouring variations.
  • Brand colour palette.
  • Typography and font family.
  • Business Card design.
  • Brand Visual Mockups.

Social Media Profile & Banner Images

For LiveSlide, we created profile and banner/cover images for all potential social media needs.

Social media images you get:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Insights, Market Research, and Action-Steps

For LiveSlide, as for all businesses, we put together a series of data researching their market, competitors, region, ideal customer bases, economic cycles, and search terms with volume.

What is covered in research?

  • Market size and industry trends.
  • Target audience discovery.
  • Customer needs and preferences.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • Distribution channels.
  • SEO terms and search volume.

Simplified Business Plan Creation

We created a simplified business plan for LiveSlide designed to provide a snapshot of the business that can also be communicated with others.

What is in the Simplified Business Plan?

  • Company and Management Overview.
  • Business Opportunity Overview.
  • Company Goals, Success Metrics, and Competitive Advantages.
  • Products and Unique Selling Points.
  • Market, Competitor, and Audience Analysis.
  • Marketing Plan and Business Implementation Timeline.

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Copyright © 2023 Epsilon Venture Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Epsilon Venture Group, Inc. All rights reserved.